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PRESTOL COMPOSITES is a European manufacturing company based in Latvia, founded by water sports enthusiasts. Our story began with a strong ambition to design and manufacture WORLD CLASS racing canoes and kayaks. At Prestol Composites we utilize the highest quality composite materials and cutting-edge technology to manufacture premium quality flatwater kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards and other high-end sports equipment.


All Prestol’s product designs are unique and with substantial input from world class athletes who are important collaborators throughout the product development process. Our manufacturing process takes place in-house and is carried out by skilled professionals with great attention to detail and quality to deliver top-class products to our customers. We are thrilled to announce that Prestol’s designs for racing kayaks and canoes are one of the few brands greenlighted to race at the Tokyo Olympics.


With 40 years of experience in the composites industry we have mastered our proficiency and broadened our operations to offer performance components to the aviation and automotive industries. We are especially proud to design and manufacture sports equipment for the world class and Olympic athletes in the winter sports of bobsleigh, skeleton and luge. Our team is dedicated to offer companies and individuals premium quality products and innovations. The composite technology is constantly developing and at Prestol Composites we are always working with the industry leaders in both material production and technological innovation.





Prestol’s composite system incorporates the most innovative resins in the industry along with the highest quality carbon fibre and other composite materials. All Prestol boats are manufactured employing vacuum infusion technology and a post-heating process to achieve high performance, stiffness and durability.  This process takes place in a closed environment, which limits direct contact with the resin system increasing the safety for both the environment and worker.

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