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THE TIARE  IS THE FIRST SURFSKI CANOE IN THE WORLD. This boat combines characteristics of canoe sprint racing and open water paddling to create a NEW indescribable experience both on flatwater and ocean.  The new concept and design of canoe surfski was a collaboration project combining Prestol Composites expertise in C1 sprint canoes and the knowledge of the legendary ocean canoe designer Jerry Mihimana of 425Pro.  We are certain that the Tiare will revolutionize the world of canoe paddling by enabling the paddler to experience the ocean as well as flatwater.  Tiare  has a lot to offer - this hybrid model is excellent for paddlers looking to develop basic canoe paddling skills -  mastering the balance, technique and the steering skills. Explore new experiences with the masterpiece that is the Tiare surfski canoe - THE FUTURE IS NOW!



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