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# At Prestol Composites, our mission is to address the needs of the most demanding canoe sprint athletes by building THE BEST kayaks and canoes and to see them racing at the international competitions. 

# As former canoe sprint athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of every support you receive during your sports career. We believe that the brand ambassador program will enable us to support  motivated and hard working athletes who are passionate about what they do.

# The community and relationships that we form with athletes are very important to us and are the core of many decisions we make. We are looking forward to welcoming new ambassadors to join #TeamPrestol to be on the sports journey together!


# Be final A or B finalist at European and / or World Championships (Sprint & Marathon)

# Be motivated and planning to attend international competitions the next seasons to come

# Have interest in becoming a member of #TeamPrestol

# Being active on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) is a great bonus!

Exceptions! If you do not meet the requirements listed above but you like our brand and feel interested to become our ambassador, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you!


# Opportunity to TEST and RACE technologically advanced racing kayaks and canoes

# Sponsored or discounted Prestol sports equipment and accessories

# Bragging rights to be part of #TeamPrestol !

1) Fill in the Application form or contact us directly on Instagram @prestcolcomposites or at

2) Based on your application we will choose suitable candidates and get in touch with you 

3) Selected applicants will hear from us soon!

The application form  is NOW OPEN! The Ambassador program is ongoing throughout 2021 and 2022. We encourage you to get in touch ASAP, as the number of Ambassadors we can accept is limited.

Looking forward hearing from YOU soon! ;) 


Please fill in the application

Thanks for submitting!

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