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C1  MINI  2.0

The C1 mini (2.0) is a pioneering design, engineered specifically for the development of young athletes in the field of canoe sprint. 


The new design features enhance safety and stability while maintaining the width of our popular C1 Mini 1.0 model. C1 mini 2.0 is the perfect training canoe for young Olympic champions. Within a few hours young athletes will be able to paddle independently and begin learning canoe steering skills. Young athletes who start out in Prestol’s C1 Mini are able to transition easily to full size racing canoes, as the boat's cockpit mirrors most racing C1’s available on the market.


The Prestol C1 Mini (2.0) unique concept design allows paddlers to self rescue from the water, greatly improving athlete’s safety on the water. The boat has been specially produced to be lightweight and durable to increase the life-span of the product.


The C1 Mini One 1.0 (2019) is Prestol’s longest running design as it has proved to satisfy the demands needed to introduce the sport to young people. Stability is uncompromised with its flatter bottom, while its modern shape maintains a contemporary C1 experience due to its narrow body.


C1 Mini 2.0 specifications:

  • Construction:  Training

  • Length: 420 cm

  • Width: 33.5 cm

  • Bow Height: 22 cm

  • Weight:  < 11kg 


Athlete Weight: 45 - 65 kg

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