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C1  2.0  L

The Prestol C-1 2.0 has been designed with improved stability and maximal efficiency with every stroke producing high performance in all competition conditions.


The hull is designed to make the athlete feel stable, allowing all effort to be devoted to the quality and efficiency of the stroke. The C-1 2.0 exhibits excellent boat run and will be enjoyed by long-distance paddlers, while maintaining capacity to sprint and turn well.


Prestol’s composite system incorporates the most innovative resins in the industry along with the highest quality carbon and composite materials.


All Prestol boats are made using vacuum infusion technology with post-heating in the oven to achieve high performance, stiffness and durability.  This process takes place in a closed environment, which limits direct contact with the resin system making it safer for both the environment and worker.


C1 2.0 L specifications: 

  • Length: 520 cm

  • Width: 34.6 cm

  • Nose/Bow Height: 22 cm

  • Stern Height: 19.5 cm

  • MidPoint (of cockpit) Height: 25.4 cm

  • Boat Weight: <14 kg


Recommended Athlete Weight Range:

  • 75-90 kg

C-1 Aivis 1 Prestol.jpg
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