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The first generation Prestol K1 ENERGY is best suited for ambitious amateurs and experienced paddlers with the goal of improving fitness while enjoying time on the water.  Ideal for distance racing, the K1 ENERGY can be custom built to a minimum weight under 10 kg  for world class marathon racing.

Although this boat is exceptionally stable, it is possible to achieve sprint speeds as the stern of the boat is built with sufficient curvature to release the water cleanly and smoothly. Additionally, the bow of the K1 ENERGY is designed to stay clear of weeds and other floating debris.

K1 ENERGY specifications:

  • Construction:  Sport, Pro-Active and Marathon

  • Length: 520 cm

  • Width: 46 cm

  • Cockpit: 94 cm x 40 cm

  • Nose/Bow Height: 15 cm

  • Stern Height: 9 cm

  • Weight: 11-14 kg (Depends from construction) 

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