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The K1 ONE LEGACY was designed with a slightly wider width to be suitable for athletes with a greater body mass weighing 95 - 100kg to provide great comfort and stability. This model is also an excellent choice for paddling enthusiasts and veterans looking for the perfect racing kayak. With improved stability features this boat is especially suitable for Masters racing as well as those who enjoy their time on the water.

- Perfect for athletes with greater body mass (95-100kg)
- Great comfort and stability features
- Excellent option for paddling enthusiasts and veterans requiring more comfort



K1 ONE LEGACY specifications:

  • Length: 520cm

  • Width: 41cm

  • Cockpit: 95cm x 39,5cm

  • Nose/Bow Height: 17cm

  • Stern Height: 10cm

  • Weight: <12kg

  • Suitable for athletes: 95 - 100kg 

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