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Prestol’s K-1 Mini 2.0 has proven itself over time as a popular youth development and training boat. An original design created by Prestol engineers, our new 2020 model includes changes in production technology that makes it the best in its class.


The K-1 Mini 2.0 features a monocoque design, high quality materials and a specially designed Prestol composite system providing a lightweight boat with amazing durability and longevity.


Suitable for youth from 45 to 65 kg, the K-1 Mini One is a fast, stable training and racing hull with a mass of less than 11 kg.

K1 Mini 2.0 specifications:

  • Construction:  Training

  • Length: 420 cm

  • Width: xx.x cm

  • Cockpit: xx.x cm x xx.x cm

  • Nose/Bow Height: xx.x cm

  • Stern Height: x.x cm

  • Weight:  < 11 kg 


Recommended Athlete Weight Range:

  • Athlete Weight: 45 - 65 kg

K1 MINI 2.0

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