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K1  ONE  L

K1 ONE is a high - performance flatwater kayak designed to achieve top results and best racing experience. K1 ONE offers excellent average and maximum speed while retaining outstanding balance.


The hull of this K1 was designed considering the specifics of paddling technique, reducing jumping to a minimum as well as minimizing side movements of the boat. Stiff aluminum seat and footrest construction are immensely durable offering great comfort and best power efficiency from the athlete to the boat. ONE was designed and tested for almost two years by our talented engineers working together with two time Olympian Krists Straume.  

Excellent for 500m and 1000m racing, K1 ONE takes the paddling experience one step further with upgraded design allowing for a more responsive feel.


K1 ONE  specifications:

  • Length: 520 cm

  • Width: 39.8 cm

  • Cockpit: 94 cm x 38.7 cm

  • Nose/Bow Height: 14.8 cm

  • Stern Height: 9.4 cm

  • Mass: <12 kg

  • Athlete weight range: 75 - 85kg

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